About us

Trust Fundraising UK is part of Abbey Solutions, a fundraising and management consultancy with over 20 years experience. Our focus is to support charities and social enterprises raise money from grant making organisations based in the UK. These include Trusts, Foundations and The Lottery. The team includes Penny Cole, Debbie Lyne, Joanna Marshall and John Abbey.
The team have been working in the sector since the early 1990s. They have an in-depth understanding of what donors are looking for and what makes a strong case for support.
The team also understands just how interconnected Trusts, HNWIs and companies are. Understanding these connections is vital to maximise income. Our services include bespoke research, bid writing,  training and mentoring.


What makes us different
  • We will never take on an assignment where we believe the outcomes are unrealistic, rather we will recommend an alternative route before beginning or we will decline the assignment
  • We always carry out due diligence on an organisation before we commit to working with them
  • We never work on commission
  • We only work for organisations that can pay for our services from core costs and not from the funding that we have helped to raise from donors unless that has been agreed with the Trust, Foundation or Lottery Fund.